It's time to Laugh!

Often it seems like we’re confronting problems all day long. From financial worries to health concerns to family problems to work issues—we get tested quite a lot. One of the best ways to maintain one’s “sanity” is to be able to laugh at things. Using humor as padding against life’s sometimes painful blows can help you survive them.

  • Humor can defuse difficult situations. Using humor in difficult times can be one of the smartest ways of coping with your challenges.
  • Laughing gives you the power. In a time of unexpected change or uncertainty, it’s natural to feel intimidated.
  • Laughter cuts physical tension. Laughter eases muscle tension, reduces stress and leads to a more relaxed condition wherein you can cultivate creative solutions—not panic.
  • Lightening up helps you keep perspective. Taking a moment to laugh at our problems can help keep them in check.
  • Laughing at yourself helps too. It’s generally better to be able to poke fun at your own foibles. You don’t need to be a skilled jokester; just sharing your humorous perspective and giving others permission to do the same will enhance your closeness with those around you.
  • Laughter helps keep you well. Studies show that laughter provides many physiological benefits. It causes a temporary increase in your heart rate and blood pressure, which aids in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your entire body.