Program Information

The State of California's EAP is here to offer suggestions, provide options and information - wherever and whenever you need it.

Call your program today! 1-866-EAP-4SOC (327-4762)

Some of the topics the EAP can help with include:

  • Emotional wellness - Addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, and other emotional health issues.
  • Workplace success - Career goals, team conflict, crisis, workplace violence, management support.
  • Wellness and balance - Work-life balance, stress, relaxation, personal well-being.
  • Personal and family goals - Changes in finances or personal situations
  • Marriage, family and relationship issues - Focusing on communication, relationships and parenting challenges.

Watch this short video that reviews many of the EAP benefits offered to you:



Work-life Services:  Access tools, resources, and experts who can help you with many of the day-to-day things that can happen in life.  Things such as finding child or elder care, locating a plumber, finding a pet sitter, or coordinating available summer camps. You also have access to the LifeMart discount center, offering valuable discounts on trips, clothing, restaurants, electronics and more.

Legal and Financial Consultation:  Your EAP offers you quick and confidential access to help you with legal or financial questions and services you may need.  Questions such as how to create a will, debt and consolidation, land and home property and more. Legal and financial experts are available to help with questions you may have, or access the online library for helpful tools and resources.

ID Theft Recovery Services:  Your EAP includes fraud resolution services to assist with any fraudulent activity that may have impacted you or your family. You can receive up to a 60-minute consultation with a Fraud Resolution Specialist.

Health and Wellness Programs: Through your EAP, you have access to an exciting wellness program that brings healthy habits into your already busy life. Set daily goals, track progress online, and join group fitness challenges. Get motivated through health coaches and your peers, or better yet, motivate them! Get started and begin making the most of your fitness goals today.