Eligible Employees

State of California employees are eligible for EAP based on the following levels.  


Employment category

Face-to-face sessions per year

 Level 1*


Bargaining Units 5 and 7 employees and all exempt, managerial, supervisory, and confidential employees of the California Highway Patrol.

Bargaining Unit 7 employees (R07), managers (M07), supervisors (S07), and confidential employees (C07) in any other departments.

Bargaining Unit 6 employees (R06), managers (M06), supervisors (S06), and confidential employees (C06).

Bargaining Unit 8 employees (R08), managers (M08), supervisors (S08), and confidential employees (C08) including seasonal and intermittent firefighters.

  • 7 sessions per problem type for employee.
  • 7 sessions per problem type for spouse/registered domestic partner.
  • 7 sessions per problem type total for dependent children, not including the employee and spouse.


Level 2*


All California Highway Patrol, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (State Fire Marshal), and Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employees (unless listed in Level 1 above)

  • 3 sessions per problem type total for employee, spouse/registered domestic partner and dependent children.


Level 3*


All other employees

  • 3 sessions total for employee.
  • 3 sessions total for spouse/registered domestic partner, and dependent children.

* Exceptions:

  • Employees covered by Level 1 services may use the EAP for 90 days after the date of retirement, as a California Highway Patrol employees who are covered by Level 2.
  • Surviving family members of employees who had Level 1 services and family members of California Highway Patrol employees who had Level 2 services may use EAP services for six months after the death of an employee.
  • Eligibility for EAP services for surviving family members of all other employees stops at the end of the month after the month the death occurred.
  • Excluded employees and those in Bargaining Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 15, 20, and 21 are allowed to receive a six-month extension to their EAP services following layoff from state service. The extension is for time only and not an increase in services or sessions.


The State of California's Evidence of Coverage (EOC)