Discounts you can count on

EAP offers you a variety of discounts through the LifeMart® discount center.

What is LifeMart®?

LifeMart is an internet shopping platform that provides you and your family members with exclusive access to discounts on over four million products and services. You can enjoy one-stop shopping and get exclusive money-saving discounts—up to 40 percent. LifeMart offers a variety of product and service options based on your interests.

LifeMart can help make your summer fun particularly affordable. Use your imagination about what you’d like to do this summer, and let LifeMart save you money on:

  • Travel: Through LifeMart you can easily find great discounts on cruises, airline flights, car rentals, vacation packages, theme parks, water parks, car rentals, hotels and resorts.
  • Entertainment: LifeMart offers discounts on tickets to movie theaters, concerts, sporting events and restaurants.
  • Attractions by city: The LifeMart website offers discounts on fun, affordable activities in major U.S. cities that you may want to visit.

LifeMart also offers real savings for your day-to-day needs. This includes things like child care, senior care, school tuition, groceries, car buying and auto services, cellphones, gym memberships, school supplies and much more.