Managing Employees

Meeting with an employee about a performance problem can be one of the most difficult aspects of managing people.  If you find yourself in this situation, it's important to be prepared for the possibility that the employee may be emotional and resistant.

Preparation will be key to a successful constructive confrontation.  Preparing for this should include the following:

  • Be respectful of privacy. This type of discussion should be conducted in a private setting and should never be held in the presence of or within listening range of others.
  • Gather and organize your documentation, so it is available during the discussion.
  • Consult with your human resources department to ensure your meeting is consistent with specific policies and procedures.
  • Be aware of your own expectations.  Define acceptable and unacceptable performance.
  • Focus on behavior.  Do not label or diagnose a personal problem either in your mind or at the meeting.

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