Create a Healthy Work Environment

As a manager, you have the opportunity to set the tone for outstanding team performance.  Here are a few ideas for supporting a productive workplace dynamic.

  • Be positive and hopeful despite challenges. Get in the habit of showing your staff that you believe they can successfully reach their objectives.
  • Stay in close contact with your staff. In addition to establishing a schedule of regular one-on-one and team meetings, informally check with each employee occasionally. This helps reduce tension and enhances information flow.
  • Encourage growth and innovation within the team. Support your staff members in taking on new tasks and devising creative new solutions to organizational challenges.
  • Demonstrate your interest in people's development. Provide many opportunities for continuing professional education so that your staff can grow and move forward.  This benefits the team and the overall organization.
  • Support the team's health and wellness. Make sure that you and your staff take care of your health and wellness through use of stress management techniques. Encourage team members to address their work-life issues by using the Employee Assistance Program available to them 24/7 at no cost.